How do I activate my standard Season Pass?

1 week prior to your stay, you will receive a pre-arrival email which will contain your unique activation code. Once you have received this you can then activate your standard Season Pass, please follow the instructions below, we do recommend using a desktop for this.  

Let's get started:

1) On your pre-arrival email, you will see a box containing a number of unique codes (depending on how many people you have booked for)

2) Firstly copy one of the unique codes and click the activate button. On clicking the activate button this will open a new window and take you to Season Pass store.

3) Once on the Season Pass store, on the right-hand side, you will see a box showing "individual"  just click "+" until you reach the number of Season Passes on your booking. Then click "next".

4) You will then need to paste your first unique standard Season Pass code, then click "next" and continue to add your Season Pass codes individually (one at a time) until complete.

5) You will then need to add your personal information including a postal address and upload a photo we can use on the Season Pass.

6) Once all information is complete, click "next", this will then present a box where you need to select "checkout"

7) You will then be taken to the basket to confirm your order, once you have confirmed your order please click "check out" this will then complete your order.

8) We will then receive your order summary and you will be able to collect your standard Season Pass from Ticket Sales & Collection at the entrance of the Theme Park. Alternatively, you can select print and post option to have them sent to your address.