When is my standard Season Pass valid?

The 2020 standard Season Pass entitles the holder to admission to the Resort from the first day of your stay.

Date exclusions: 

  • Season Pass entry restrictions apply on Friday 31st July, and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in August 2020, and any themed and/or special events taking place at the Attraction; any 'special dates' featured on the Attraction calendar; and Fright Night dates regardless of the time of entry or departure.
  • The above exclusion dates are subject to change. Please check the Resort’s opening and closing dates and times before arrival. 
  • Please note that the Thorpe Park Resort is not open every day and not open all year round.
  • Standard Season Passholders who wish to visit on one of our exclusion days can pre-book an Extra Day ticket by visiting our Season Pass Page.

Important information:

  • Once a short break package is purchased which is inclusive of a standard Season Pass, the Season Pass and the overall package is non-refundable/non-cancellable and non-amendable. 
  • A Season Pass entitles the Passholder to admission to the attraction during the Pass Term subject to the operating calendars of the Attraction and any applicable exclusion dates that apply at the relevant time.
  • Please check the Attraction opening and closing dates on the Attraction's website and the Season Pass exclusions and restrictions set out in before your visit.
  • For more information please visit our Season Pass terms and conditions