New For 2020: Black Mirror Labyrinth

BRAND NEW in 2020 you’re invited to playtest the Labyrinth as THORPE PARK Resort launches the world’s first live Black Mirror experience with Black Mirror Labyrinth.

Immerse yourself in a hypnotic maze using cutting-edge visual technology and sensory-defying environments. Will you keep your grip on reality or will you get lost in the mainframe as this unpredictable digitised dimension reveals an uneasy truth that manipulates and displaces your very existence.

We value your privacy, now lose yourself as you enter Black Mirror Labyrinth.

Frequently asked questions:

Where is it located?

  • The entrance queue line for Black Mirror Labyrinth can be found in Old Town behind Colossus.

When will the attraction be open?

  • Black Mirror Labyrinth is set to open in late March ready for a season of infinite thrills! Please check attraction availability before visiting.

Does the attraction require an additional ticket?

  • No additional ticket is necessary; Black Mirror Labyrinth is included in your park entrance ticket.

Is there a height or age Restriction?

  • We are still working on these details, please check back for more information. 

Is this experienced in groups or alone?

  • As Black Mirror Labyrinth is a walk-through attraction you can expect to experience it in groups.